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Why our Mag is Clean

Benefits of the right


Magnesium is vital to the brain as it’s a part of almost every part of stress response, recovery and repair. Magnesium is involved in more than 600 Biochemical Reactions in Your Body, including:      

Long term Benefits

Energy creation

Helps convert food into the necessary energy your body needs

Protein formation:

Helps create new healthy proteins from amino acids

Muscle movements:

Helps with muscle contraction and relaxation of muscles

Nervous system regulation:

Helps regulate neurotransmitters, which send messages throughout your brain and nervous system

Gene maintenance:

Helps create and repair DNA and RNA

Day to day Benefits

Boosts Exercise Performance
Magnesium Fights Depression
Can Lower Blood Pressure
Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
Help Prevent Migraines
Reduces Insulin Resistance
Benefits Against Type2 Diabetes
Reduces PMS Symptoms

Why our Magnesium is the

cleanest mag on the market

Many other Magnesium supplements in the market use additives that may cause allergies. Magnesium Café has created and successfully registered the most healthiest form of magnesium which does not contain any allergen magnesium extracts.

With over 25 years of experience, our team of Doctors, Nutritionists and Scientists have created The Cleanest Mag on the Market.

One of the easiest ways to harvest magnesium is to extract it from saltwater. This process does not require expensive mining equipment and poses no risk to the labourers.
The Dow process works in a similar manner to sea salt harvesting – large flat pans are filled with seawater and left to evaporate. The crystallised residue is swept up and collected as the seawater disappears.
This residue is a combination of sodium chloride (salt) and magnesium chloride, along with trace elements and minerals. The residue is first put through an electrolysis process to create a saline solution that contains The magnesium.
This solution is then treated with lime (calcium oxide) to produce precipitated magnesium hydroxide, which is then converted to a partial hydrate of magnesium chloride by mixing it with hydrochloric acid.
This magnesium salt is then heated and the molten substance is electrolysed once again. The magnesium ions gather at the cathode (the negative terminal) and the chlorine ions are oxidised.

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our magnesium