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Magnesium is a natural mineral that is often overlooked. This mineral is naturally present in many foods and can be found in various dietary supplements due to its essential nature.

It is needed to keep many bodily processes running smoothly, including nervous system functions, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and more. Most health websites say that fruits, vegetables, starches and meats contain all the vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced diet, but this is not necessarily true. Maintaining a balanced diet is easy with Magnesium Café!

Our range of supplements deliver elemental magnesium to your body in a tasty and nourishing way. We have your personal health and well-being at heart. Discover the many physical and mental benefits of this mineral today! Our products are distributed under the regulatory oversight of MC Pharma (Pty) Ltd, as the Section22C (1) (b) Licence holder in terms of the Medicine Act.

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Food groups do not always contain all the essential nutrients your body requires. This means that the only way to keep your body healthy and disease-free is by providing it with the correct building blocks! Magnesium supplements are one of the necessities for sustaining these building blocks.

It can improve a wide range of physical and mental ailments and your overall well-being. Magnesium Café offers various products that contain the highest concentration of elemental magnesium available on the market.

Our team can deliver to any address in South Africa and Namibia to help you fulfil your magnesium needs. Visit our online store and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get your health back on track!

The Benefits of Magnesium


When considering the benefits of magnesium, it is essential to identify the five high-level functions this mineral assists. Besides the subsidiary benefits, magnesium’s primary goal in your body’s well-being is to catalyse biochemical reactions which assist in the creation and transportation of energy, protein synthesis action, the transmission of crucial nerve signals and muscle relaxation.

The range of essential functioning this mineral forms part of means that a deficiency of this can result in a range of symptoms, from mild conditions like headaches to long-term problems such as heart disease.

Despite the range of negative consequences, most individuals do not even realise that they lack this mineral!

Extra Benefits

Boost athletic performance:

Magnesium enhances exercise endurance and performance by aiding blood sugar transport within muscles, preventing fatigue and muscle damage.

Combat depression and anxiety:

Magnesium deficiency impacts brain function and mood, raising depression and anxiety risks. Supplements can alleviate associated symptoms and enhance overall well-being.

Support a healthy heart:

Prioritize heart health with magnesium supplements. They lower blood pressure, reducing heart disease and stroke risks.

Sustain bone health:

Magnesium safeguards against bone loss, with 60% stored in bones. Deficiencies raise osteoporosis risks.

Strengthen sleep schedules:

Magnesium regulates sleep neurotransmitters, aiding restlessness and insomnia naturally. Our supplements enhance sleep quality and duration.

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Heinrich Gabler Energy Back

Struggled with fatigue for a long time, feel revitalised and ready for each day thanks to this amazing product!

LiLi Energetic!

The Mag 1 tablets work great with Mag 2 magnesium powder. I feel energised and have more energy during my daily workout sessions.

Michelle le Roux Recovery

Mag 1 is an amazing product and really changed the way I recover from a hard workout. Highly recommended!

Madelaine Blignaut Sleepless nights

Im struggle with sleep since im on chemo. It helps me to sleep better. Help to keep my bones strong. And give me more energy

Shadine van der Merwe Sleep

This is one of my all time fav products! I use this in the morning and evenings before bed and helps with my recovery and feel fresh to go again

CC Melkbosstrand Go-to cream!

About 4 years ago Benita recommended this cream, and I noticed how it obliterated a nasty burn scar on my hand. Since then I am never without this, absolutely love it!

Phillip Armstrong No.1

Best product I can find that actually helps for crzmps

Joan Bennett From Enhanced muscle relaxation to improved sleep quality

Mag 2 has been a game -changer for me! This supplement has truly exceeded my expectations and has become a staple in my daily routine.

Nadene Wickens Bath bomb

Smells great and feels even better on your skin. Perfect for sore/tired muscles. Really great product. I love mine.

Heleen Van Wyk Magnesium Bath Salts

Magnesium Bath Salts I started my journey with Magnesium Café just over 4 years ago. Their products has never dissapointed and every single product they have is the best of the best. Benita has an absolute passion for magnesium and magnesium products. I will never not use their products and most certainly cannot go without any of their products

M.O. Bath salt.

After a long day on your feet, nothing beats a warm bath with these salts in it, your body feel's, relaxed, rejuvenated, and it smells amazing.

Madelaine Blignaut Life saver

After my operation i had insign pain in my arm. I went for physio. But still no relieve. Then i use the spray every hour at work..easy to apply. I my pain is gone

J.M. Major Relief

Great for muscle spams and muscle pain relief

Sarah Works well

Almost instant relief, and super convenient